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Judo Classes

Always wanted to become a Judoka? Come take Judo class at Guruji Judo Academy and learn a variety of grappling skills.

Judo class teaches a wide variety of grappling skills including sweeps, takedowns & submissions, plus many more basic drills to become a Judoka.

Judo is ancient martial art of unarmed self defense. Judo emphasizes throwing, grappling, and submission techniques. Striking techniques are not used in competition and are only taught to the most advanced judoka. The only equipment required in judo is a uniform called a judo gi. Gi's can be purchased at a martial arts supply store or through the class instructor. Minimum age for these classes is 7 years of age.

This class is specifically designed for adults, especially women, who seek to understand judo and to get in shape. Participants will learn basics of tournament judo, which can also be used for self-defense. Minimum age is 16 years of age.